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Very often I see posts of young musicians who say that they need no music theory at all, because modern music is not about notes and scores but about sound synthesis, effects and mastering.

What can I say… I have no official musical education, but I studied by myself, and this is also some kind of education. After 12 years of writing music I clearly understand that when I said that musical theory is useless in modern music, I knew less about musical theory than I need to know. Now I made some conclusions:

  1. Rules about synthesis, effects and manipulations, layering and even mastering are also parts of modern musical theory.
  2. Musical theory doesn’t put you in strict limits. It helps you make a choise how to do it better, when you have too many variants.
  3. When you feel that you just repeat yourself again and again in your new compositions, thoughtful reading of music theory brings lots of new ideas what to try next. Especially reading such moments as “There are five forms of something but you need only one of them, so forget other four”. Have you ever tried other four?
  4. Modern music theory is not about traditions that Beethoven or Mozart used. It is about serialism, music concrete, noise, glitch, microtonal melodies and so on. The world of modern musical ideas is endless. You don’t need to know all these things but they may seriously expand your way of thinking.
  5. If you feel that you are limited by music theory – you just don’t understand it right.
  6. If you say that you don’t need music theory but in fact you are just too lazy to study it – it is not so difficult.

Unfortunately, many textbooks about music theory tells it in a very difficult way.

So I’ll try to tell tricks that I use by myself via posts in this section. They will be for different people, some of them will tell a bit complex theory, other will be very simple to understand but I’ll try to make them useful enough.

I’m going to make posts both about sound synthesis and DSP and about classical harmony.

Of course, it is music theory through a prism of my own experience. If you know music theory perfectly and see that I’m wrong epicly, please, contact me


Here you may find posts about different modern musicians. Music changes rapidly, so feel the pulse!


One more type of long-read posts.

It is important not only to hear today’s music but also to understand what drives modern musician, what is in their heads while they are creating new tracks.

In this section you may find answers on these questions.

We will take interviews with some musicians that we define as interesting for some reason.

If you feel that this is about you, you may also contact us.

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