A Cool Summer with Via Ripa

07.08.2020 Music Today

Via Ripa and their self titled EP blends alternative pop-rock with some light funk and a summer frame of mind. Out of this incredibly fun piece of work is a song called “Nicotine”. The song introduces you to the band’s progressively fun brand of rock. Sweeping guitars and melodic atmospheres engulf you quite fast and it’s not hard to find yourself bopping to the rhythm. “Bath Ave” comes next and has a much more sultry silk-ness to it. Yes, the song itself is actually silky. We then have “Fingertips”; a song that seems to give a prime example of what this band is all about. The song gives you both silky and alt rock simultaneously​ and does it without a hitch. “Big Daddy Crick” closes the EP and clearly has all the staples of the Via Ripa sound but also twists in some southern rock influence. Via Ripa is one not to miss.​

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