Steven Canham (Redundant Nature): “I do not wish any of this to happen”

Redundant Nature is an electronic-rock project by Steven Canham. It sounds like Industrial or Electronic Metal with experimental vocals. In 2015 it released the first single ‘Repaired‘ followed by more dark LP ‘The Presage‘. On May 8th 2020 Redundant Nature released the second LP – ‘Lockdown‘.

Why Industrial?

I identified with this genre as a youngster and loved the idea of machines being used as sounds. My influences of industrial are such acts Depeche Mode, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy.

Redundant Nature sounds rather old-school. Of course I hear modern techniques, but if we will speak about general experience, modern Industrial is characterized by club sound or goes into the full abstraction, and music of Redundant Nature reminds me of bands from late 80s – early 90s. Is it a part of conception? Why have you chosen this sound?

Yes it is part of the idea of why I created this. I wanted to create my own perspective of industrial of the 80’s/90’/present of this genre with a twist of global aspects. I feel like this genre has been a great resource for what I like to share in my songs sometimes. The negative things that humans tend to do but still can’t find a middle ground.

I grew fast into genres such as industrial in the early 90’s and wanted to create my own creation style. My influences grew along with retro/synthpop 80’s, experimental rock industrial music 80’s/90’s, metal. My influences haven’t changed but has expanded towards the glitch/orchestral/dub-step/acoustics sound.

What do you begin from?

I sometimes get a melody stuck in my head and layer it with beats later on. Then different melody around it to give it a new direction of growth with synths and samples.

Sometimes vocals might not fit properly which then leads to instrumentals from time to time. There is always a different way that I start a new song by going forward is always the best option.

Not long ago we made a post about your album ‘Lockdown’.  It was told there that the album invites us to the future world that is rather dark and corrupted. What concretely are the songs about?

This album definitely has stories to tell.
Futuristic tales with robots that learn how to be like humans. Some names to define each song for Lockdown would be..
1. We Are in Control = Mind Control/Mutations
2. New Beginning: Hope
3. Sacrifice: A Decoy/Betrayal
4. Killer of Killers: Bounty Hunter
5. Disconnected: Dark A.I.
6. Inflicted: Self Infliction
7. Rusting: Everything Decays
8. Dissaray: Himan Confusion
9. Where is Your Hero?: A False Leader
10. The Message: Aliens/Cordial

Should we understand this album as a message to the current generation that human race should change something in its behaviour?

This album Lockdown is a follow up from ‘The Presage’ that was the first LP released in 2016. It’s like a pandemic put into a scifi/horror movie with human/robotic emotions. The picture of the gentlemen in the front album art is Randall Muntz which is an incredible tattoo artist in Austin, Tx that I would recommend.

I put the robotic heart in his chest as a statement of repo organs that humans will end up as more machine in the long run.

The pyramids and UFO ships in the background is just a statement of we’re not alone and history is altering in the near times We will be in android like state and would have to adapt to the lockdown that was forced upon a world of broken governments.

I do not wish any of this to happen. Again, these are just stories in my head that were created inspired from human decisions in present day with a twist of predictions that will form into a more technology controlled world as it is already. Or the US that is.

Which synths and effects do you prefer?

I use my K-Station and M-Audio Venom to play as physical keys with Image-Line is the software I mainly use. I mainly prefer Saw synths like John Carpenter and strings like Hans Zimmer.

Do you have any favourite tricks in musical composition/production?

No favorite tricks. Just mainly take it day by day until it sounds right through my end and what audience I think I’m attracting with sound and mastering

Is music your main job?

I’ve always been used to working at a job on the side always to keep the bills flowing and I can still create what I enjoy with music and such

My music is not my main job but hopefully someday as I keep coming out with material and pushing it out there. My someday it will and go smoothly. Lol​

Do you have any other musical projects?

Yes. I have a band Lucid Dementia that I’ve been with since late ’09 that’s a horror based hybrid sound with Electronic and Industrial elements. I’ve mainly been playing the rhythm and lead guitar since then.

I also compose music for horror/sci-fi/drama independent films that’s under my name Steven Canham. One of the biggest films I made music for is called “Knock Knock” which is like a John Carpenter/Trent Reznor influence for sure in this. You can find it on Tubi Tv, Amazon Prime, and various other movie apps as well.

Another project would be called Evil Flying Chickens I joined a few years back which is like a Goth/Nerd/Industrial/Dance sound. I mainly play the synth and guitar work with them.

Last would be a project called RotnCore that I joined in 2019 that has a variety of people from around Sweden, Germany, and USA. I’ve been playing bass for this sound and it gives you a horror metal industrial genre.

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