Ángel Diego about infrared photography

Ángel Diego is an infrared photographer from Spain.

Five years ago we found him in the net and decided to talk to him about infrared photography.

How did you came to infrared photography?

Infrared photography has always liked. I was struck by the transformation that occurred in landscapes

Do you use infrared filter or infrared film? Maybe, something else?

Years ago I used Kodak infrared film, the famous EIR135-36 HIE 135-36 color and black and white. More recently 400infrared AGFA, also in black and white. I have a roll of film still in the fridge. Currently I have a Nikon D300 that I have changed so that only make infrared photographs.

As I see, there are not only infrared works in your profile. What kinds of photography do you also work in?

Mainly landscape photography and close-up photography. In landscape photography, the photography of seascapes and mountain scenery. In close-up photography, flowers and insects. I also like architectural photography.

What is really important in photography for you?

What I look for in a photograph is to transmit my emotions, to provide a personal vision of what I photographed. This is not to capture what is, but to interpret the landscape. People who see a photograph see it through my eyes.

Can you tell us about your favourite tricks?

I really have no special trick. For landscape photography I take always the first light of day. I like to know in advance the time of the tides and the sun’s position. For photography insect the dawning facilitates the approach. For photography flowers, the sunrise allows gives me a background with cold lights and use a warm light for close-ups.

I think, there are some photographers who inspire you. Can you tell us about these people?

In landscape photography, Amsel Adams is for me the teacher. I also like Fernando Puche, Luis Vioque and many others. In photography of approach I have no particular preference.

Do you participate in any exhibitions or contests?

I’ve had some individual expositions of macro photography and also collective. I have not exposed landscape photography, although I hope to do at the end of the year.

I have participated in some contests online, with some meritorious results

Do you earn money via photography or it is just a hobby? If earn, does IR photography plays any role in it?

Photography is only a hobby for me. However, I sold some photographs, both paisasje as flowers.

Have you got your personal site? Or maybe, a profile on some site where we can see more infrared works?

My most recent infrared images can be viewed here:




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