Jerome Pouille about infrared photography

Jerome Pouille is a French photographer who works in multiple genres including infrared, panoramic, landscape, aerial, astrophotography and sometimes even all these together.

We took this interview at the times when we were a blog about unusual forms of photography that’s why we were interested mostly in infrared pictures. Now I would like to ask him about all other genres mentioned above.


How can you explain your interest in infrared photography?

I’ll try infrared photo on 1996, with an argentic camera and a Ilford SFX200 film. I’d like the white foliages, but after a roll I’ve stopped using it. Few years ago I found a resseler who sells infrared filter on eBay, so I bought one and an old Canon 60D to try the mod and it worked fine on the first try!

Do you use infrared filter only? What about infrared film? Maybe, something else?

I use both, but with film it’s a bit hard: film have to be on low t°, some camera doesn’t work: IR sensor to count the pictures… With my modified camera I’m able to use any lens, including fisheye. I tried filter front of my 5D MKII but I have to set to 20 seconds, 1600 ISO and f/2.8 to have something interesting…. Not really good…

As I see, there are not only infrared works in your profile. What kinds of photography do you also work in? Which of them is your favorite?

I’m working both on a newspaper and alone, so I have to do lot of different works, but my favorite is panoramic, architectural, landscape and astro-photography. But I’m in touch with underwater and aerial photography too!

What is really important in photography for you?

To have pleasure! It’s impossible to get a good picture without pleasure! Picture is an insconsient part of us, with our eyes we are able to see behind common people look. And it’s important if your works translate your feeling. Technique is secondary, actually camera is able to take a good picture (exposure) but the photographer composes it, no one else!

Can you tell us about your favourite tricks?

My bests tricks…. Maybe the pictures done under the Channel (between Calais and Dover) or at 1000 m on a hot-air ballon. But I’d like to walk on totaly dark night to shoot stars…. In fact I find a good thing on every report.

I think, there are some photographers who inspire you. Can you tell us about these people?

I’m not really in fact of other photographers because I’d like to get neutral, but actually I’m very impressed about the works of Eric Paré or Daniel Sheong, but I like the job of many other photographers who are not «knows»

Do you participate in any exhibitions or contests?

Rarelly… I’ll get my pleasure in taking picture, watching for the place, the light… but i’m not really good in “relation” after (laught…). So many of my job are on my Facebook profile, Flickr or my personal website.

Do you earn money via photography or it is just a hobby? If earn, does IR photography plays any role in it?

Booth, with my works on the newspaper i’m earning money, and with my personnal account… i’m paid my camera… not more !!! But i believe that i’ve got the chance to get a good job who let me express myself!

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