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My name is Sergei Shilov, and I guess that you came here because of one of my projects.

This page has been created to keep actual links on all my activities at one place.

Here you can find general summary of all my projects, and also I have a page where I keep links to my latest materials.

Group of Applied Enzymology

Laboratory of new methods in biology, IBI RAS

This is not my own project but this is my main job and currently this is the most important activity for me, so if I promised you an interview and you wait too much it means that I’m busy in this lab. That’s why it must be the first item in this list.

Nostalgia for Darkness

Gothic & experimental net label.

Currently it is used to release my own musical projects, but I wish to develop a community of musicians based on it.

Also I’m open for collaborations and remixes, so feel free to contact me.




Sophia’s Library – my first and favourite project, founded in 2008. The music of Sophia’s Library could be described as ethereal or neoclassical darkwave.

Psychotic Dreams – experimental project founded in 2011. I thought it would be just a small place where I will keep tests of my strange ideas, but now, 10 years later, I can say that this is my main project that demostrates the whole variety of sounds and moods I can create.

Dilatory Destruction – vocal electro-industrial project founded in 2020 as a try to create something more understandable by listeners.

Facets of Art

This is a blog about different forms of art.

At the beginning I thought I will write articles about theory of music and photography, especially in its unusual forms, give different advices and take interviews. As you could see, now the most part of articles are reviews and interviews. This fact has two reasons:

  • I just have no enough time to perform all these activities by my own;
  • I don’t think I know everything about all the forms better that all the people on Earth.

The conclusion is simple: I need a team.

So feel free to contact me if you would like to become a co-author of this blog or even if you are good in some form of art and would like to write a single article.

Also I develop a virtual gallery app.

If you are a digital artist and would like to take part in virtual exhibitioncontact me.

Instagram    Twitch


As a photographer I work in portrait, nude, stillife and landscape genres.

I can describe my style as sometimes minimal, sometimes abstract and sometimes stereo.

Instagram with minimal, abstract and studio works

Instagram with landscapes and stereos

Thank you for your attention!

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