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My name is Sergei Shilov and you can find more info about me and my projects here.

My activity is not uniform, and this leads to lack of attention to some of my projects just because they are masked by other things that I do simultaneously. For example, I write a song and publish a link on it everywhere. Three days later I wrote another song and change the link everywhere. If I have no activity several months, the most part of followers will know only the second song. And I can say the same thing about interviews and all other activities. This is not fair.

That’s why I’ve decided to keep all my recent activities at one page, thank you for visiting it.
Also I share the links on some posts that are not the latest ones but I still find them important.

Recent Activities

Psychotic Dreams – Wartime Derealization (2022)

On August, 8 in 2022 Psychotic Dreams released a new track that could be described as a weird mix of extratone and convolutional ambient.

Synapsyche – Anti-Manifesto (Dilatory Destruction Remix)

On May, 6 in 2022 Synapsyche released an EP Silvertongue featuring Aesthetic Perfection.

Among other tracks, my remix on Synapsyche – Anti-Manifesto is included. I worked 6 months and spent several tries on it, so now I’m proud to share this work with you.

Investigation of enzymatic hydrolysis kinetics of soy protein isolate: laboratory and semi-industrial scale

In March, 2022 our article about the hydrolysis of soy protein has been released in Bioresources and Bioprocessing journal.

To be honest, this is the activity that took the most part of time during the last year but unfortunately science is not the activity that gives you a reason to make a post everyday. In takes one or two years of your life and after that you make a post like this one or even not.

Anyway, I’ll be happy if you like it and ready to answer any questions if you are interested!

Twitch channel

Now I have a Twitch channel where I play games, process pics, write music and code. Welcome!

Redundant Nature – Re:Connected (2021)

Wrote a review on Re:Connected EP released by Redundant Nature in September 2021.

Briefly, this is a very diverse EP that can be used to demonstrate the variability of old-school electro-industrial despite it consists of 6 tracks and 4 of them are remixes on Disconnected from the Lockdown album.

Interview with Julio Awad and Patxi Pascual

Julio Awad, a pianist with a large catalog of classical, film, and stage performances, and Patxi Pascual, an innovative woodwind player who collaborated with the largest names in Spanish Flamenco, Big Band, and Jazz, joined together and released their debut CD ‘Flash & Shadow’. And we did an interview with them.

Interview with Carl Adams

We did an interview with Carl Adams, a composer and multi-instrumentalist from New York, currently based in Atlanta. He plays violin, bass guitar and electric guitar and makes songs that span across multiple genres. Carl has cultivated a very distinct style that will always feel both unique and familiar.

Facets of Art & Nostalgia for Darkness have Discord servers now!

Now they are empty, so you can become one of the founders of the new community!

Facets of Art – just a place to talk about art.
Nostalgia for Darkness – a server for dark & experimental musicians, no matter if you wish to become a part of our label or not. Also I thought to stream how I make my tracks and give such opportunity to others.

Sophia’s Library – O Solitude (2021)

Sophia’s Library covered ‘O Solitude’ by Katherine Fowler Philips (lyrics) and Henry Purcell (music).

The arrangenent was created using my own “orchestra” built of field-recorded samples, that was destroyed later with the breakdown of my HDD.

Sophia’s Library – Acceptance (2021)

This cover on the song by Akira Yamaoka has a rather unusual story. We recorded it in 2013 but forgot about this track, and I found it suddenly when I was searching for a background for my scientific work. Fortunately, not only the final track survived despite all my HDDs deaths, so I was able to update the sound according to my today skills and share with you. Enjoy!

Psychotic Dreams – UFO crush (2021)

This album began from the try to use ruDALL-E Malevich (XL) to produce a cover image for the noise track ‘UFO Crashes in the Forest’ by Psychotic Dreams.

The resulting image didn’t reflect the mood of the initial track but I liked it, so I decided to write a special track for it using audio feedback loop system. ‘UFO crush enters your mind’ is that track. The words that the crush says were generated using

A bit later I thought that it would be rather good to produce something more rhytmic, so I’ve cutted the tracks produced by the feedback loop system and remixed them. This is how the other two tracks have been produced.

Sophia’s Library – Паутина (2021)

After some pause, Sophia’s Library have recorded a song on a poem by Tatiana Nartova. The song will be included into the upcoming album.

Still Actual

Sophia’s Library – Lunveneno (2020)

This is the most important work for me, that was created as a soundtrack for the story ‘The Lunar Poison’ by Stanislav Rzhevsky. I wrote this album 8 years and I haven’t already created something that is more complex and elaborate.
The link leads you to the page where you can read the English version of the story for the better understanding what happens in each track.

How to watch stereo pictures for parallel view

I think, this article will be actual for me while I define myself as a stereophotographer.


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