2020 in the new video of Oceans on the Moon

08.01.2021 Music Today

On the 23rd of December, 2020 Oceans on the Moon released a new music video on their song “A Lost Generation” from the album “II“.

Firstly I thought that this video is about the lockdown caused by COVID19. Maybe because I’m ready to see it everywhere now.

One of my teachers said that I should never take the first idea that comes to me because it is on the surface and I would never go deeper if I would accept it. So I watched video several times more.

Of course, nobody knows the main idea better than author, but at the end I came to the opinion that the video doesn’t tell any story but reflects the mood of our generation at the last time. What will you see in “A Lost Generation”? News about social distancing, Facebook like symbol, human shape and face recognition processes and even 5G towers. It doesn’t matter, for example, if you find any relation between COVID19 and 5G towers, if you afraid of global surveillance or not. Even if you try not to think about all these things or even think that you don’t think about them, they are in your mind. And they set the anxious feeling in your soul. The video wakes them up and moves them from subcortex to consciousness. All this happens under the old-school post-punk/new wave with vocals that reminded me Brendan Perry (but only in this song).


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