Voices of the Martyrs – Solas (2020)

Not long ago we posted an interview with Myles Barfield, where Voices of the Martyrs was mentioned as one of his projects. But the main attention in that interview was paid to other bands. Now is the turn of this one.

Voices of the Martyrs is an instrumental band with a leaning toward the post-rock sound. They combine elements of rock, ambient and even symphonic music. As the musicians say, they prefer to keep songs instrumental to let their songs serve the listener as a soundtrack in different situations. The absence of words spreads the variety of these situations.

In May, 2020 Voices of the Martyrs released an EP “Solas”. It is actually one song, broken up into 5 individual parts. Musicians hope that playing all songs of the EP together will spaer the imagination of every listener. But the songs have been designed in a way that if they are listened to individually the listener can still enjoy them.

Firstly when I read that it is a Post-Rock project I expected to hear guitar instrumental music. I was wrong. The main instrument in the first track is cello, so the first experience is rather symphonic. In some moments it reminded me ‘We Watch Our Sad-Eyed Angel Fall’ by Black Tape for a Blue Girl. But guitar post-rock tracks also present in the EP.

You can preview it here and find in your favourite streaming service after that.

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