Funktastic Players present Check It Out Y’all Remix

Funktastic Players is a musical project from USA. They define their musical style as “the perfect blend of 70’s soul, 80’s hip hop and contemporary jazz!”

David Williams, a founder of Funktastic Players, started out as an MC/DJ and spend a lot of time producing rap. As all rap producers from that era he sampled soul, jazz and funk records from the ’70s. But he wanted to re-create his own soul music but not just to sample it.

Many years later David found himself free to create music in the desired way. He decided to create a catalogue of tunes that people would love and wish to see them performed.

At this moment Funktastic Players present Check It Out Y’all Remix – a non-stop, feel-good, slice of sonic soul food that’ll have heads bobbing from beat one! Stellar bass tone, and really killer playing from the rhythm section. Wonderfully immersive keys and absolutely incredible solo work from the sax – all spruced up by engaging funk guitar and a bright horn chorus, this track is nothing but strengths! Great mix as well – everything is present and nothing feels buried. Killer work!

Listeners seeking an instrumentally soulful sound will love the work that Funktastic Players are putting out – with enough skill and musicality on display in Check It Out Y’all Remix to resonate with a wide and varied audience! Classic funk fans and more contemporary listeners alike should find more than enough to dig into here.


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