A LAN Tuning by Alan Tuning

Alan Tuning is the electronic composer based in Italy. He chose his nickname to celebrate Alan Mathison Turing as the father of Computer Science.

Alan Tuning

Mostly influenced by 1980s electronic and New Wave atmospheres he writes his instrumental pieces thinking of them as potential soundtracks for inner outlooks.

Following EP “Le evasive tappe dell’elettrone” released at the end of 2016 and LP “The Edible Part of the Land”  released in July 2022, Alan Tuning releases “A LAN Tuning“.

Despite the inspiration from electronic music of 80s, “A LAN Tuning” sounds rather modern and complex. The main reference to the oldschool electronic music is melodies. They exist and sound rather academic. Mainly, melodies are smooth and played on synths that remind acoustic instruments, accompanied by plucked arps and gates that form a hypnotic texture.

With no doubts, “A LAN Tuning” is recommended for everyone who likes electronic music but tired of simple four-on-the-floor or even breakbeat rhytms bases on 1-3 chords.

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