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The main trend of modern art, and modern music as a part of it, is that it tends to be unavailable for understanding without reading 10 000 interviews with an author and also his big book where he explains what you hear.

In this situation it is easy to miss music itself.

Not long ago we posted an article about ‘Kellogg Beach’ by Karl Lindauer. Firstly, this is music. Now we asked him some questions.

Why have you chosen piano in your childhood?

When I was a young boy I heard jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi play “Cast your fate to the wind”, and I wanted to learn to play.

Was it just a hobby?

I studied very hard for 10 years, and had the honor to be a finalist with the California Artist Series.

Did you think about a musical career?

I did teach music for 3 years, but the pay was not enough.

Was it easy to leave music when you decided to start a business career?

It was not an easy decision to leave music, but it was a necessary one. I married very young(age 20), and had two children by the time I graduated college. To continue as a classical pianist became impossible. However, I have no regrets. I had a happy marriage, and have 3 children, and 5 grandchildren. My wife passed away after 49 years of marriage.

What kind of business was that?

I was in the drug store business for 15 years, and sold homes for another 15 years.

Is music the only thing you are doing now? If not, what else?

I practice Tai-chi, walk, bike ride, weight train, and care for my property.

Which composers inspire you?

Chopin, Brahms, Bartok, Ravel, Debussey, Shostakovich, Rolling Stones, Enya, ZZ Top, and more.

As I see you have at least three albums. Is there any concept of how you divide compositions into albums?

There was no rhyme or reason for this. I wrote the songs as they came to me. I’m working on a fourth album now.

How do you create titles of your compositions? Do you know title when you write a composition? Or you think about it when the composition is ready?

The titles of my compositions come from a variety of sources: the memory of my wife, places I’ve been, Scripture, social issues among others. Usually I have some poetry and a title in mind when I begin a composition.

Where can our readers find more of your music?

My music can be found on Apple music, iTunes and Spotify. The album titles are:
1) Consider the Lilies,
2) Love Songs for Piano,
3) Kellogg Beach.
Consider the LiliesKarl and his wifeKellogg BeachCoronado, California from the composition “Coronado”“Lady in the Flame”
Also you may find music by Karl Lindauer at Yandex Music, Amazon, Deezer, KKBox, Anghami and Google Play Music.
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