Featured Artist: Procrastinatrix

Procrastinatrix is the recording name of Toby Godden, a solo musician based in South Wales.

Firstly when I started to listen to Procrastinatrix (album “Goldfish“), I thought that I would write something like “You will not find complex drums here, but it is rather nice music with quiet breakbeats and ambient pads”. But soon I’ve understand that it is not true: the music of Procrastinatrix is much more different that it seems to be. I guess that the musician decided to make it friendly to listeners, that’s why the feeling that ‘it could be more experimental than it is’ is not a disadvantage but a deliberate step.

Toby Godden defines himself as “Experimental without being alienating, mashing genres”, and this is true, especially in case of his last three albums. The descriprion above could be used for the most part of tracks, but even here you may find rather complex drums in Dance of the Crustaceans from Goldfish and Deuteronomy from Statue Redeployment Taskforce.

Also there are interesting atonal pads in Desert Calling from Goldfish, deep bass and nice glitches in Muddy Boots from Statue Redeployment Taskforce and unusual usage of distorted atonal synth sounds inside the quiet cloudy music in Cloud-House Sounds from Undercover.

I felt that I’ve opened a new artist for myself when I’ve reached the second half of Earworld album (after the track Womp-Womp). The album begins from rather usual downtempo, but finally it shows very different forms of electronic music. I will not mention any song: it is better to listen to whole album.

Finally, my favourite album of Procrastinatrix is Digital Papercuts. Maybe there is nothing in Digital Papercuts that nobody tried before but sure that you may find the most part of known electronic music creation techniques in it.

The sound of Digital Papercuts varies from dubstep in ‘Get Your Wonk On!’ to ambient in the best traditions of Brian Eno in ‘Over The Streetlights A Fine Haze Glimmers’ and ‘Quantum Headbutt’.

Finally, we come to ‘Solina Five’ that leads us from old school ambient to drum-and-bass.

So, if you want to remind yourself that electronic music can be different – listen to Procrastinatrix.

If you like electronic music in general, I may recommend you to listen to Undercover, Goldfish or Statue Redeployment Taskforce.

But if you like experiments in music as I do, you must start from Digital Papercuts!

PS: and the last track that I can’t leave without mentioning here

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